FPT Issues First-Ever Environmental Policy

Accompanying the Vietnamese Government's commitment, FPT Corporation has officially issued its first-ever Environmental Policy. This policy provides a detailed plan for implementing specific steps to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, aiming at becoming Vietnam's pioneering company to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040.

The newly issued Environmental Policy emphasizes several vital actions: reducing energy consumption, minimizing hazardous chemicals, limiting and treating waste, promoting recycling activities, raising environmental awareness, encouraging sustainable consumption, and controlling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The corporation has outlined the roadmap with various measures to minimize environmental impact, including monitoring 100% of energy usage data and replacing 100% of office waste bags with recyclable materials by 2024; increasing the proportion of electricity from renewable sources to 2.5% and adopting 100% LED lighting by 2026; reducing total GHG emissions by 15.8% by 2030.

FPT also ensures that all employees undergo yearly training in environmental protection. This involves actively and proactively conserving electricity and water and gradually reducing them, ultimately eliminating plastic use in daily activities like plastic bags and single-use plastic products.

Earlier this year, FPT also collaborated with USAID to promote clean energy deployment, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become carbon neutral. In 2023, FPT employees actively participated in environmental protection efforts, which included sorting all waste at its source, correctly managing hazardous waste, increasing paperless operations by 59.5% compared to 2022, and recycling 17.7 tons of waste. 

With sustainability at the heart of its operation, the Environmental Policy reflects FPT's consistent strategy of aligning company growth with social responsibility, while also delivering a greater impact for its customers, accompanying them in their green transformation journey.