FPT Software Activates Carbon Accounting on Large Scale

FPT Software recently reaffirmed its commitment to delivering green and sustainable technologies to customers globally as the first tech firm in Vietnam to conduct carbon reporting. Particularly, a fully three-cope management carbon accounting project, in collaboration with FPT Information System, will be implemented across the company's global network with high transparency and international standards. 

Enlisting FPT Information System’s VertZéro as its primary carbon audit solution, FPT Software will kick start a comprehensive carbon accounting project, covering the environmental data collection process, calculation, management, emission reporting, and progress monitoring in adherence with industrial and international standards. Underpinned by AI and cutting-edge data technologies, the project is set to finish in 6 months, piloting in some of FPT Software's key markets, namely Vietnam, Japan, and Slovakia, before mass-adopting in 30 countries and territories.

Additionally, FPT Information System will be responsible for providing scenario modelling and future forecasting, as well as developing strategic plans to offset greenhouse gas emissions for FPT Software upon individual markets and periods.

“Over recent years, sustainability and green economy have been in the spotlight of the global concern and our customers, with carbon auditing staying a cornerstone. As FPT Software strives to become Net-Zero and be at the forefront of change and innovation towards a sustainable future for all, this movement enables us to accelerate our green transformation, as well as assist our home country, Vietnam, in achieving the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) goals by 2030,” stated Nguyen Khai Hoan, FPT Software Senior Executive Vice President.

“This project will further facilitate FPT Software’s sustainable growth and net-zero software solutions, boasting greater impact for the company's customers in reducing carbon emission,” said FPT Information System Chairman Tran Dang Hoa. “FPT IS commits to accompanying customers and partners on their green transformation in Vietnam and globally with effective solutions and cutting-edge technologies, as well as contributing to Vietnam’s goal of becoming Net-Zero by 2050.”

Tran Duc Tri Quang, Chief Data Officer of FPT Information System, said: “We are thrilled to join FPT Software in the green transformation journey to drive down emissions and boost net-zero offerings for clients and partners. By leveraging VertZéro advancements and FPT Software's highly digitalised management system, we are confident to deliver carbon footprint reports in an optimised duration with utmost reliability, accuracy, and compliance anywhere the company presents.”

With sustainability at the heart of its operation, FPT Software has actively participated in global sustainable initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact Initiative and recently badged Silver in the 2023 EcoVadis Assessment. The IT firm also asserts to embrace green and diversity across its global facilities.