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FPT Software is part of FPT Corporation (FPT – HoSE) – the global leading technology, outsourcing and IT services group headquartered in Vietnam with nearly US$2 billion in revenue and 32,000 employees. Qualified with CMMI Level 5 & ISO 27001:2013, ASPICE LEVEL 3, FPT Software delivers world-class services in Smart factory, Digital platform, RPA, AI, IoT, Enterprise Mobilization, Cloud, AR/VR, Embedded System, Managed service, Testing, Platform modernization, Business Applications, Application Service, BPO and more services to more than 450 clients globally from our delivery centers across the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia, Vietnam and the Asia Pacific.

As a global corporation, the importance of establishing a Code of Business Conduct is essential for FPT Software to state out regulation and indication on modern workplace behavior and standardized business conduct to meet up with FPT Software business culture, domestic regulation and international business expectation.

The Code consists of 3 main sections:

  • Firstly, the Code states the importance of building business culture and integrity in business. In addition, the Code dissimilates fundamental foundations in regulating and applying the Code into actual business internal and external operation of FPT Software. Basic guidance on performing and complying with the Code will also be provided, for instance, circumstances when an employee required Written Approval, procedures on reporting risks and violation.

  • Secondly, FPT Software gives out regulation on internal and external relations in business operation following fields:

(1) With clear instruction and commitment in building a modern working environment and working standardized criteria in performing FPT Software activities. FPT Software can access guidance on how to handle intellectual property and protect information confidentiality for the interest of FPT Software and customers & suppliers.

(2) Staff- as FPT Software representatives – enters into business and social relation. Therefore, staff shall follow stated guidelines on interviewing, public speaking, conference and other related activities in order to protect the business confidentiality and prominence but still provide reasonable information to the public concerning and the society.

(3) FPT Software not only concerning on interests of the Company but also watching out for staff conflicted risk that might happen as conflict interests between individuals and collectives. For the interests of staff, the Code states out circumstances which will provide fundamental resolutions and precedent for solving a conflict issue, for instance, concern on staff business outside of FPT Software business scope, business conduct and manners on acquiring gift and amenities.

  • Thirdly, the Code states out FPT Software commitment on Corporate Social Responsibility, responsibility on youth training and future in social relation. FPT Software not only utmost in generating economic profits but also to build up sustainable and long-term benefits for stakeholders.



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For more information, please view this document

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Any risk and violation you want to inform, please report immediately by following channels:
  • Your Direct manager
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone hotline: +84 8 37362323 / Ext: 54119
  • Drop box at Legal, Risk and Compliance Department Online anonymous reporting by filling and submitting the form below
  • Print reporting form here and anonymous submission to: Legal, Risk and Compliance (LRC) – FPT Software, FPT Cau Giay Building, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam


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