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With fast-changing demands from consumers for more digital experiences as they drive, FPT Software recognizes and is committed to delivering agile, end-to-end services and platforms that reach beyond the vehicles.

Our outcome-driven, integrated platform-centric view fosters end-to-end managed services across the enterprise’s entire IT management stack. Our proprietary framework - FAFCO (FPT's Applied framework and Cognitive Operations) - is a comprehensive approach to business process, application, and infrastructure management services that will enable your organization to achieve its goals.

Values we deliver

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Proven Experience


  • 19 years of experience in the automotive industry, with 17+ years in CDC and 14+ years in AUTOSAR.


  • Expertise includes Platform (MCAL, BSW, SWC, Microcontrollers), Tools, Safety, R&D, etc. Compliant with ISO26262 A-SIL A/B/C/D and A-SPICE Level 3.


  • End-to-End Turnkey Solution with ready-made platforms, tools, and services accelerating the AUTOSAR transformation.


  • CI/CD/DevOps as the de facto standard.


  • 500+ AUTOSAR experts.


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High Efficiency


  • Big pool of software engineers for parallel developments & shorter duration.


  • Optimal cost effectiveness by utilizing 20% of onshore resources & 80% of total resources in Vietnam & other offshore bases.


  • Secure and high-quality software services, taking advantage of our experience with the world’s top chipmakers, tier-1 automotive suppliers, and OEMs.


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  • Adaptive to partner’s frequent changes in requirements.


  • Flexible working model: On-site, Offshore & Mix – Able to scale up at anytime and anywhere.


  • Flexible business models: onshore/offshore, hybrid or even BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer).


Our services

Platform Development


  • ECU Configuration and Generation tool (Artop)
  • Application (SWC) development
  • Model Based Development of the Application Layer
  • Basic Software (BSW) development
  • AUTOSAR MCAL, RTE, BSW Configuration & Integration
  • ISO 26262 Compliant CDD Development and Integration
  • AUTOSAR MCAL Development, Code Generation, Testing
  • Migration to AUTOSAR 4.X onwards

AUTOSAR Adaptive

  • ECU Configuration and Generation tool (Artop)
  • Application (SWC) development
  • Development and Testing for AUTOSAR Runtime
  • CI/CD, SDK Development and Middleware Abstraction Layer Development
  • Porting BSP, U-boot packages
  • SoC Integration and DDS (Data Distribution Service) Integration
  • ADAS Solution
  • OTA Development

Our Products

Basic Software (BSW)

Basic Software (BSW)

  • ISO26262 certified process.
  • Seamlessly Compatible with ASIL D, 16bit/32bit, and multi-core microcontrollers.
  • Easily Customizable of AUTOSAR software, applicable to your ECU and considering OEM-specific requirements
  • Delivered as turnkey software- preconfigured for specific OEM requirements



  • Based on AUTOSAR standard compliance: support new AUTOSAR release.
  • User-friendly features.
  • Dynamic for seamless integration with development ecosystem, easy to expand or add more features (Eclipse Base).
  • Support multiple platform with Configuration, Validation, Generation features, accelerating microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL) development.

Basic Software (BSW)

Basic Software (BSW)

  • Provide run-time environment, SW update capability, and embedded security.
  • Compliant to AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform (19-11, 20-11).
  • Support various OS (POSIX OS/Ubuntu/Other RTOS).
  • Support various SoCs.



  • Assemble functionalities of the Adaptive Platform
  • Define clustering of requirements specification
  • Describe behavior of software platform from application and network perspective
  • But do not constrain the final SW design of the architecture implementing the Adaptive Platform.

Flash Bootloader

Flash Bootloader

  • Allows car makers to easily update the ECU during software development and add additional features for the application.
  • Optimize costs and reduce efforts with a universal and compact solution for reprogramming ECUs quickly, efficiently, and securely.
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