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In recent year, the market for embedded systems is
expected to proliferate during the forecast period. With
the growth of computer technology, technologies for
electronics systems are becoming more and more

For electronics systems, the embedded system has a
wide range of applications. Home appliances, smart
homes, business automation, and autos are the various
embedded system applications. Embedded systems are
also being employed in a range of other industries,
including healthcare and the military and defense

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services

Service Capabilities


  • Printer Utilities
  • Cloud Printing
  • Virtual/Actual Printer Driver
  • Multiple function Printer Firmware
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  • Communication Topology
  • Improve Robot Control Layer
  • The IDE and plugin store for User
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Product Engineering

  • Ventilation control (VCU)
  • HMI control (HMI)
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile application
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Reasons to go with us

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services

Proven Experiences

10+ years of experience in
embedded software maintenance
and development.

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services


More than 1000 engineers with
extensive knowledge about
printing, Robotics, IOT systems

FPT Software Embedded Systems Services


Flexible working model: On-site,
Offshore & Mix - Scale up at any
time and anywhere

Certifications & Partnership
ISO 26262
FPT Software Embedded Systems Services
FPT Software Embedded Systems Services
FPT Agile
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