Is your business keeping up with the rapidly increasing volume of data?

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83% of businesses are not treating data as capital. FPT Software’s Data & Analytics brings innovative solutions through dedicated experts, advanced technologies, and a unique engagement framework.

Are you on the path to becoming a data-driven enterprise? Let’s leverage our Data Analytics ecosystem to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and values.

Our End-To-End Services

Use Case Consultancy

Consultancy on analytic use-case development based on Gartner use-case PRISM methodology along with data landscape assessment

Data / AI Governance

Support of Data Governance, BIOps, MLOps but also AI Governance leveraging internal and partner products and tools and operationally proven governance /operation framework

Business Decision System

Leveraging AI / Advanced Analytics / Generative AI io build right decision systems allowing you to deliver insights from your data in real-time in the hands of your business users

DX Academy and CoE 

Upskill your engineers and cater the Center of Excellence model to smoothly transform to the new stage of business for BI, Analytics, and AI

Sustainability & ESG

Dedicated services on how to leverage Data management / Analytics / AI around sustainability, circular economy, and ESG goals both in terms of reporting but also in terms of decision-making

Insight On Demand

A full set of pre-packaged analytics offers services to quickly deliver value from customer data and offer an easy way to step into big-data analytics while answering business challenges

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