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HANOI, Vietnam - November 13, 2023 - Global IT services provider FPT Software today announced a strategic partnership with Silicon Valley's AITOMATIC, a leader in Industrial Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). This partnership enables both companies to promote Industrial AI – the applications of AI to industrial use cases – to their customers worldwide.

Combining FPT Software’s global presence in 28 countries with AITOMATIC's extensive industry connections, this partnership embodies their shared ethos of excellence. It also marks another milestone in FPT Software’s ongoing expansion to amplify its global footprint and redefine the landscape of industrial automation.

FPT Software and AITOMATIC share the same vision of enabling industrial businesses to harness their unique domain knowledge. With AITOMATIC’s OpenSSA technology (Open-source Small Specialist Agents), this knowledge will be transformed into agile, intelligent-agent systems. SSAs, known for their lean and efficient design, are tailored to encapsulate expert knowledge, positioning them as the prime choice for businesses and developers eager to craft bespoke AI agents for industrial use to solve complex problems across industries, from energy optimization in Electronics to predictive maintenance in Cold chain.

AITOMATIC CEO Dr. Christopher Nguyen (centered) participated in a panel discussion at FPT Techday, October 2023

Furthermore, the synergy will see FPT Software promoting aiVA™ (AITOMATIC Industrial Virtual Advisor) system to its growing client base. This powerhouse tool, rooted in domain-specific insights and best practices, works alongside human operators and managers, offering expert solutions in intricate workflows. By doing so, aiVA™ promises enhanced efficiency and agility for industrial operators.

Dr. Phong Nguyen, FPT Software's Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, shared, “This collaboration is a testament to FPT Software's relentless pursuit of innovation, underscoring our pledge to deliver top-tier Industrial AI solutions globally.”

Dr. Christopher Nguyen, CEO of AITOMATIC, Inc., commented, "In partnering with FPT Software, we're transforming deep industrial expertise into actionable AI-driven solutions. With aiVA™ and OpenSSA, we're operationalizing wisdom, not just automating tasks. Together, we're setting the pace for the future of industrial automation."

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FPT Software, a subsidiary of FPT Corporation, is a global technology and IT services provider headquartered in Vietnam, with $803 million in revenue (2022) and over 27,000 employees in 28 countries. The company champions complex business opportunities and challenges with its world-class services in Advanced Analytics, AI, Digital Platforms, Cloud, Hyperautomation, IoT, Low-code, and so on. It has partnered with over 1,000+ clients worldwide, 89 of which are Fortune Global 500 companies in Aviation, Automotive, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities, and more. For more information, please visit https://fptsoftware.com/


Located in Silicon Valley, AITOMATIC, Inc. stands at the cutting edge of Industrial Generative-AI. Under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Nguyen, with global leadership roles at industry titans like Google and Panasonic, the company specializes in transforming complex industrial knowledge into actionable AI solutions. With foundational products like the aiVA™ system and OpenSSA technology, AITOMATIC crafts precision AI agents for varied industry challenges. With its deep international industrial connections, AITOMATIC has become a go-to partner for SMEs and global enterprises alike. Learn more at https://aitomatic.com.

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