FPT and Singapore-based ride-hailing firm Grab have signed a strategic partnership agreement last Friday, which will see the duo working together to develop smart city solutions for Vietnam. 

A real-time traffic surveillance system will be introduced, utilizing FPT’s expertise in smart transportation solutions as well as Grab’s traffic data and analytical capabilities. The two Southeast Asia’s leading tech firms also plan to develop electric vehicle charging stations in Vietnam and explore multi-modal transport initiatives that can integrate FPT’s public transport schedule with Grab’s diverse mobility solutions.

The smart city solutions will be implemented in Vietnam’s major cities, starting with Ho Chi Minh city which is currently accommodating more than 8 million-people.

Grab Vietnam’s Country Head, Mr. Jerry Lim affirmed: “We are delighted to be working with a technology champion like FPT on a suite of services and solutions that will significantly transform Vietnam’s digital and mobility landscape. With our repository of traffic data, analytical capability and experience in public transport in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, Grab will collaborate with FPT to develop smart cities solutions that enable easier, more convenient and safer mobility of Vietnamese users”.

“The partnership between FPT and Grab is expected to bring an invigorated experience and increased convenience to Vietnamese people, along with boosting Grab’s efficiency,” said Mr. Le Hong Viet, FPT’s Chief Technology Officer. “We strongly believe FPT’s advanced technologies, especially in artificial intelligence, coupled with Grab’s traffic data ecosystem will be the basis for a successful cooperation, helping to solve traffic issues for Vietnam ”, he added.

FPT has developed and piloted seven groups of smart transportation solutions  including: (1) provision of real-time traffic data, (2) transport infrastructure maintenance, (3) traffic navigation, (4) detection of traffic violation via images and journey monitoring, (5) public transport development, (6) personal vehicle management, and (7) traffic rescue. These solutions capitalize on core technologies of the digital revolution 4.0 such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analysis, etc.

FPT, Grab join forces to develop smart city solutions for Vietnam
FPT, Grab sign strategic partnership agreement to develop smart city solutions for Vietnam