Since early July 2017, FPT Corporation and Siemens have been collaborating in utilizing and implementing MindSphere, the cloud-based open IoT operating system from Siemens, for global customers of different sizes.

The partnership sees the two companies collaborating in both the North and South bound of the IoT platform, making FPT MindSphere’s eligible partner in numerous categories, including Consulting, Application Development, System Integration, Technology Development and Connectivity development.

The two companies have taken one step further in the partnership and laid down plan to drive the expansion of the Industrial IoT platform in two frontiers: technology and workforce development. On one hand, FPT and Siemens will work together to provide worldwide solutions on MindSphere to help businesses adopt digital transformation for their organizations, particular in leveraging big data for IT/OT convergence. On the other hand, the question of workforce readiness will be addressed by FPT as the company has committed to develop up to 1,000 FTEs worldwide to help Siemens in MindSphere’s global go-to-market, both in customer acquisition and technical roll-outs. Customers in industries where the two companies have strong footprints and expertise, namely Automotive, Aviation and Utilities among others, are expected to benefit greatly from the strategic alliance. FPT and Siemens have achieved initial success in UK, Germany and Vietnam. In the nearest future, the two companies will expand to other markets like Europe, Japan, APAC and US to support the fast growing community of MindSphere users.

“I strongly believe the determination of FPT and Siemens in embracing digital manufacturing will witness tremendous success, especially for our customers”. Mr. Hoang Viet-Anh, CEO of FPT Software remarked. “The joint efforts between the companies will provide customers with a powerful IoT platform and a highly scalable and skillful workforce, which can be mobilized in a speedy manner, and to any corner of the world.”

In the recent years, FPT has emerged as an adept IoT service provider, with a growing customer base in various industries, from start-ups to Fortunes 500s. FPT’s IoT team includes hundreds of experts with deep knowledge in different platforms, and in both software and hardware.

“We believe FPT is a valuable partner, with whom we can assist customers of all sizes and industries in driving the global Digital Transformation by co-developing skillful workforce and providing joint offering. This partnership and the FPT portfolio brings an important benefit for the Mindsphere Ecosystem,” said Paul Kaeley, senior vice president, Global Partner Eco-system, Siemens PLM Software.