FPT is solving the translation problem in technology field by sharing IT professional experience and using AI to develop professional IT translation software, called AkaTrans (Akaminds Machine Translation). AkaTrans is being developed to translate different language pairs for IT sector, with Japanese-Vietnamese as the first pair. 

Working with Japanese customers for a long time, FPT understands that language barrier is a great obstacle for IT experts, who have lots of technical documents and emails translated constantly between two languages. IT companies have to hire many translators, who not only have to be fluent in Japanese and Vietnamese but also need to have knowledge in IT sector. However, relying too much on middlemen can sometimes lead to communication breakdowns. Therefore, FPT has accumulated data and knowledge from years cooperating with Japanese clients to develop akaTrans, which can translate exactly and instantly a variety of IT technical terms and sentences from Japanese into Vietnamese and vice versa. This tool enables both sides to directly communicate and increase mutual understanding.


AkaTrans is equipped with latest neural machine translation models developed by Google Brain team. The models are trained with millions of Japanese – Vietnamese sentences, which are knowledge and know-how of FPT. Focusing only on the IT sector with a large pool of technical data, akaTrans provides a relatively good translation quality when compared with Google Translate. Since 2017, AkaTrans has helped many users get accurate technical translations from Japanese into Vietnamese and vice versus.  It was used in many projects of FPTwith Japanese customers to help translators reduce the translation volume and engineers actively read project materials.

On September 29, at the Translation Day 2018, which was co-hosted by FPT and Expertrans Global with the theme of Translation in Industry 4.0, FPT donated AkaTrans to Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (Vinasa). “The huge amount of data accumulated during nearly 20 years of cooperation with Japanese customers is a valuable asset that we would like to share with Vietnamese IT communities through the Japanese-Vietnamese translation tool called AkaTrans,” said Tran Dang Hoa, COO of FPT.

Le Quang Luong, the representative of Vinasa, said “I believe that this tool will be useful, especially with the need of urgent document to do the contract,” He also added that if Vietnamese software companies did business with Japanese, they would certainly use this tool because of its high accuracy. That IT specialized translation tools for the Japanese market would help them increase productivity and quality. In the future, FPT plans to add more language pairs into this tool to develop it as a professional translation tool for IT sector.