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The automotive industry is evolving, requiring manufacturers
to launch new products fasters while keeping the costs to
the minimum. The Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and
Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies allow us to
design and validate the product virtually, optimize various
cycles, reduce the physical prototypes, and minimize
development time and cost.

FPT Software provides a broad range of CAD/CAE services
from Complete Vehicle Development to Component
Development, including HV Battery Pack, ODC, PDU, DCDC.
With our knowledge and expertise, along with international
quality control systems and flexible business models, we
can offer personalized support, innovative solutions, quality
assurance to deliver breakthrough products, and time and
cost savings to each Client.

Service capabilities

CAD – Design solutions

  • Sub-systems/Components CAD Development:

    HV Battery, OBC, DCDC, PDU.

  • Vehicle Module Development Support in CAD Systems:

    BIW, D&C, CHS, INT, EXT, PWT, EE Wiring Harness, Pipeline Layout

  • CAD Data Migration

    2D to 3D CAD Conversion

  • Drawing Documentation Creation

    2D to 3D CAD Conversion

  • Reverse Engineering 3D Scan Data Convert to CAD

  • Automation Tool Development for CAD Software (Macros, RPA, VBA, Python) to reduce processing time

CAE – Virtual development solutions

  • Body:

    Global & Local Modes, Torsional & Bending Stiffness, Local Stiffness, Operational Strength and Durability, Misuse Events, Welding Analysis

  • Door & Closures:

    Oil Canning & Denting, Stiffness, Sag & Set, Overstretch, Slam/Over slam, Door Intrusion, Aerodynamic Load

  • Chassis:

    Hardpoints Definition, Modal Analysis, Stiffness, Operational Strength, Durability, Misuse Events, K&C, Ride & Handling, Topology Optimization

  • Exterior:

    Modal Analysis, Stiffness, Durability, Oil Canning & Denting, Thermal Load

  • Interior:

    IP, CC, DP Development, Interior Head Impact, Seat Development

  • NVH:

    Modal Analysis, Frequency Response, Dynamic Stiffness, Mode Map, Vibration Transfer Function, Noise Transfer Function

  • Stiffness, Strength & Durability:

    Global & Local Stiffness, Fatigue Load, Misuse Events, Welding Analysis, Thermal Load

  • Safety Development for Global Markets US, EU, Asia according to regulatory requirements, consumer tests and insurance requirements

  • Frontal, Side, Rear Impact, Roof Crush, Door Intrusion, Low Speed Impact

  • Occupant Safety, Belted & Unbelted, Interior Head Impact, Knee Impact, Whiplash

  • Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) Protection

  • HV System & HV Battery Safety

  • Material Cards Development

  • Vehicle Dynamic:

    K&C, Ride & Handling, Load Generation, Flexible Bodies

  • Aerodynamic/Thermal Management:

    Aerodynamic Drag Reduction/Wind Tunnel Validation, Aeroacoustics, HVAC/Cabin Comfort, Water Wading, Cooling/Heating

  • Energy Management (1D System Simulation):

    Range NEDC, WLTP, EPA, Acceleration, Top Speed

  • Component Development:

    HV Battery Structural & Thermal, OBC, PDU, DCDC

  • Optimization: Topology Optimization, MDO, Weight reduction, DOE, Sensitivity study

  • Automation Tool Development to reduce processing time (Macros, RPA, VBA, Python)

  • Simulation/Test Correlation & Validation

Reasons to go with us

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  • Provide personalized support to each client.
  • Flexible business models: onshore, offshore, or hybrid.
  • Maximize the efficiency of cost and resources.
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Expertise & Knowledge

  • Deliver innovative ideas and solutions using CAD/CAE technologies.
  • Launch competitive product faster.
  • Provide excellent quality with higher efficiency.
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  • 500+ talents specialized in CAD/CAE services.
  • Regular training programs and quality assessment policy enable us to scale quickly as per our Client's requests.

Cost Effective

  • Abundant of young and skilled workforce.
  • Flexible business models.
  • Offer revolutionary and cost - effect solutions.
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