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Web3 – The new experience with decentralized internet

With new technologies - blockchain, cryptocurrencies, non- fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), we have the tool to create online spaces that we truly own.

FPT Software Blockchain Services

Blockchain service capabilities

Blockchain Consultancy

  • Private & public blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency/token
  • The whole decentralized application and ecosystem

Blockchain infrastructure

  • Build the whole network and ecosystem from scratch
  • Fork and customize blockchain network
  • Develop cross-chain bridge

Decentralized Application

  • Staking platform
  • Farming and lending platform
  • Decentralized exchange
  • Blockchain game 
  • DAO platform
  • Loyalty and reward network 

Blockchain Integration

  • Payment system integration 
  • CEX and DEX integration
  • Traditional loyalty integration
  • CRM/ERP integration
  • Others customization integration

Smart contract development

  • Token development
  • NFT development
  • Fully customized smart contract development

Blockchain tools

  • Web3 & crypto wallet
  • API & SDK
  • Script, plugin and other tools

How can we help?

Blockchain in your industry – Get consulted with us

Power frictionless, create new value across industries. Explore how business worldwide has adopted the cutting-edge technology to accelerate growth. We are not just an outsourcing unit, we go along with your objective and grow with your business.

Build with the ready-made blockchain templates

Start building your blockchain-backed enterprise application with the ready-made blockchain platform/ templates and strong support from our strong team.

Build your own use-cases with common blockchain platforms

With the most experienced engineers in the industry and deep understanding about the technology, we are confident to help you in creating your own solution that could bring your business to the whole new step forward.

FPT Software Blockchain Services

Reasons to go with us

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Experienced Team

Standardized best practices implementation & roadmap of pre-built templates (Bank, Retail, Pharmacy,…) Strong consultant team with experience in both technical and business fields

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Fast Delivery To Market

Fully customized and integrative API Driven Layer to support specific and complex requirements A wide network of strategic partners allowing more options and cost efficiency for clients

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Standard Compliance

Certified processes with high-security standards to prevent sensitive data leakage.

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