Robotic process automation (RPA) is a transformational technology, which can automate tasks and processes across the business from finance and accounting to customer service. Not only can you implement RPA right on top of your core business systems and realize ROI almost immediately, but its use cases across the company are virtually endless.

When automation opportunities are everywhere, where should you start? Whether you are looking for ideas to prioritize your RPA projects or you need to get buy-in from additional departments for an enterprise-wide RPA build-out, use these below tips whenever you choose an RPA tool.

At the first step, you should determine the vision of your RPA application to your business, in terms of scope, complexity of your business and budget. Additionally, you should determine how to implement RPA, whether you will buy the tool and your employees develop the robot by themselves or you will outsource a vendor.

Once you have the above information, selecting the tool will become clearer with the following criteria:

  • Ease to use and operate: Does the tool require IT-based knowledge to use? Is it easy to learn how to use and visualize. If you would like your employees to develop a robot, this factor is very important.
  • Ability to find experienced developers or vendors. RPA is not new, but finding experienced developers and vendors is always a hindrance.
  • Automation capability on your applications, such as: SAP, Citrix, CRM and so on
  • Scalability capability: The tool can quickly scale-out when you are in peak trading time with numbers of transactions, or when you need to scale up the application of RPA.
  • Ability to analyze and audit: When you have hundreds of robots, the management to ensure reliability, measure metrics, analyze causes when incidents occur. In addition, these statistics also help you optimize the development and operation of robots.
  • Flexibility level of pricing model, support capability, guideline documents, training, reference to previous projects should also be taken into account.

Finally, you can easily experiment PoC (Proof of concept) with almost tools. And it just takes a few weeks to develop a robot for the testing process. You should proceed with POC on 3 tools with the highest score in your rating, then you can choose the correct tool which is the best for your business.