FPT Corporation recently organized a contest for all employees to participate in Codefights, in which candidates will perform programming exams on www.codefights.com. The results of the test are based on the CodeFights Chart where FPT Corporation awards a total prize of 35 million VND to people with the highest scores. The event attracted nearly 1200 participants from several FPT Corporation’s subsidiaries such as FPT Software, FPT Information System or FPT Telecom to compete in 5 days from March 27th to March 31st.

Surprisingly, Nguyen Doan Hai Long from FPT Software, born in 1996 and was the youngest candidate of the competition, was announced the winner. On the final date, contestants had to perform the programming of 8 assignments in an hour.  Long became the leader of the fifth day, with 1,615 points in 53 minutes 46 seconds. Long also had the highest score after five days of CodeFights, which made him Champion of the contest.


I am not a careful person so I try to code carefully. Looking at the ratings on all test days, I was never the quickest person but still maintained the same score with the leader. It gave me comfort on the final exam day. Fortunately, due to the comfort, I did not have as many bugs as the days before.” Long said.

Also sponsoring an additional 11 million VND for winners of the contest, FPT Software’s Global Automotive Unit Nguyen Duc Kinh shared:

“I want to encourage other people to think that programming is a serious cultivation with no limit, and has no satisfaction with the current skills. I want the engineers of FPT to receive more attention from the company. I propose that next contest’s award will be 3 scholarships for these winners to be train at Carnegie Mellon University, America’s No. 1 University in Software Engineering.”

FPT Technology Director Le Hong Viet hoped that through the contest, developers have the chance to train their coding skills, competing with others to improve their personal level, while raising the interest of FPT people in programming. According to Viet, programming is not just for coders; programming is a way for people to think and is really necessary for everyone.