On January 13, 2024, Vietnam Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Indonesia President Joko Widodo co-chaired a high-level business dialogue in Hanoi during the latter’s three-day state visit to Vietnam. At the event, President Widodo stressed the importance of high-quality cooperation and connection between enterprises of the two countries to bolster economic prospects, urging FPT Software to engage more in Indonesia's technology sector.

Vietnam and Indonesia Eye Stronger Trade Ties

Vietnam PM Pham Minh Chinh and Indonesia President Joko Widodo, with FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh and other business representatives from both countries

The two leaders shared the view that economic and trade ties remain a bright spot in bilateral relations, with two-way trade reaching USD 13 billion in the first 11 months of 2023 and expected to hit USD 18 billion by 2028. Vietnam and Indonesia have many significant similarities in their development goals, including the same objective to become high-income countries by 2045.

To realize this common goal, PM Pham Minh Chinh encouraged Vietnamese businesses to actively participate in this while expressing his hope for support, cooperation, and investment from Indonesian counterparts in emerging sectors like the digital economy, green economy, circular economy, etc.

President Widodo called on leading Vietnamese enterprises to foster their business and investment in Indonesia with long-term and hallmark projects targeting spheres such as science and technology, manufacturing, finance, aviation, education, and more. He highly appreciated FPT Software's contribution to promoting Indonesia's technology sector and collaboration between the two economies.

Indonesian President also outlined Indonesia's plan to boost its electric vehicle industry, which is also FPT Software's focused field. Recently opening its new office in central Jakarta and launching FPT Automotive, a subsidiary focusing on software-defined vehicles, FPT Software has further demonstrated alignment with Indonesia’s immense growth potential and development plan. First entering Indonesia in 2012, the IT firm has become a trusted partner for dozens of the country giants, witnessing outstanding growth in the market. The company also commits to growing a high-quality workforce of 10,000 skilled IT engineers in Indonesia by 2035 to address Indonesian companies’ emerging demand for digital transformation.

Vietnam and Indonesia Eye Stronger Trade Ties

FPT Software’s representatives and distinguished guests cut ribbons at the new office inauguration in Jakarta, Indonesia

Speaking at FPT Software's Office Inauguration Ceremony in Jakarta last July, FPT Software’s Senior Executive Vice President, Nguyen Khai Hoan, expressed that Indonesia's growing economy and the need for transformation offer significant opportunities for a foreign company like FPT Software to establish its presence and contribute to the nation's digital evolution. With this office, FPT Software aims to develop a high-quality workforce to help address Indonesia’s emerging demand for digital technologies and propel the country towards a digitally empowered future.