FPT Welcomes Victoria Governor

On a visit to FPT Software’s campus Tuesday afternoon, the Governor of Victoria, Australia, Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, expressed her strong interest in Victoria collaborating with FPT Software in various technology areas from augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to autonomous vehicles.

“Victoria itself is very small physically, making up only 3% of Australia’s mainland. But we produce 27% of food and fibre exports. So we always work on technology to keep ensuring that the small land area is so disproportionately productive”, she said.

According to Victoria’s first female Governor, Victoria is undertaking research, development and testing of autonomous cars, making it a top area for collaboration with FPT Software. In a brief exchange with the Governor’s office prior to the visit, Her Excellency was said to have a strong interest in next-gen technologies and steps to further build Victoria into a smart city that attracts tech giants and high-skilled workforce.

FPT Software Chairman Hoang Nam Tien showed Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau and the Victorian delegation around the company campus

Addressing Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau, FPT Software Chairman Hoang Nam Tien noted that FPT is one of the few companies in the region that makes autonomous vehicles.

“We can not compete with Tesla, Toyota or Audi on autonomous cars running on the street. But we can compete with them on autonomous cars running around airports, resorts or golf courses”, he affirmed.

Mr. Tien also hoped that the Governor of Victoria would introduce FPT Software to colleagues in Victoria. “We are willing to fly there and share with them our work experiences with clients in USA, Japan, Germany, France and Singapore”.

In Singapore, he said, “FPT is one of 40 companies that are qualified to provide services to the Government”, adding that several public services in the country are now being integrated with FPT technologies.

At the meeting, Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau also had the opportunity to experience AR/VR technology and learned about its applications in autonomous driving from hands-on training to forest fire control.

FPT Software Welcomes Victoria Governor

Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau experienced FPT Software’s AR/VR technology demo

AR and VR are among a number of digital services that FPT Software currently provides to more than 600 customers worldwide, which helps the company to establish itself as a global pioneer in digital transformation services. AR, which brings non-existent objects into the real world transforming the surroundings with overlay imagery, is increasingly used in education, arts, marketing, military, media, business, etc. Meanwhile, VR takes users away from the real world and completely blocks their sight with a digital environment.

FPT entered Australia in 2008 and expanded its footprint early 2019 with the establishment of the Melbourne office (Victoria, Australia). The company has to date become a trusted technology partner and IT services provider of big and small companies in the region, many of which are in the ASX 200 list.