[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FPT's DX Chief Advisor Phuong Tram at the Global DX Summit 2019


Digital transformation is no longer the matter of ‘should we do it or not’. Rather, it has come to the time where people start talking on the ‘how’ – how to reinvent your business through digital transformation. Last Thursday, the Global DX Summit 2019 created a platform for such discussions. The three-day exclusive event, as put it simply by FPT’s DX Chief Advisor Phuong Tram, is about three things: Community, Conversation and Content.


For the first time, more than 50 digital transformation enthusiasts, thinkers and creators, were gathered here in Vietnam to discuss their pain points, exchange knowledge and altogether brainstorm digital solutions, whether through a few glasses of wine or lively group work sessions. “The content of digitization becomes richer, become forever changed because of the knowledge. In the IT world, no one or no single company can say they have all the knowledge. This is why the community comes first”, Tram told the conference.

The Global DX Summit 2019 makes up of experts in the field like Tram himself, who reinvented Dupont with his people-centric approach to digital transformation, academia like Prof. Ho Tu Bao, formerly with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, as well as high-level executives who are responsible for DX strategies of billion-dollar companies including Palantir Technologies, Siemens PPAL, Grab, Singapore airlines, Schneider, Hitachi, Toshiba etc. But Tram also referred to the community that would benefit first-hand from digital transformation – the customers and the society at large. “It’s the community that we’ve come here to help”, he added.


Participants were engaged in group discussions on customer experience, operational excellence, and new business models at the Global DX Summit 2019


Over the course of three days in Ha Long, conversations were triggered by lots of inspiring stories and digital transformation best practices . Tram shared with the crowd his DuPont experience, where people were put at the core. “You have to motivate people and begin with their heart in mind. If people are not with you, no mission, no strategy, no technology in the world can change”, he said. Palantir’s Head of APAC Barret Brown recommended businesses to “start small” when it comes to digital transformation, while Grab’s Head of Analytics Nikhil Dwarakanath brought perspective of a DX practitioner that constantly looks to optimize customer experience through data-driven insights.

The conversation went onto specific themed discussions, where participants were engaged in group work to discuss ways to enhance customer experience, deliver operational excellence, and create new business models through digital transformation. “The conversation begins in this physical room, but it doesn’t have to stop there”, Tram said. “Let’s keep the conversation going even after you leave the summit”.


Now that the Summit has got a community and engaged people in rich and meaningful conversations, Tram said its ultimate purpose was to “change the content of digitization, together”. Digital transformation, according to the FPT’s DX Chief Advisor, could be summed up in three letters: I (information), T (technology), and P (people).

While most people view information as data, analytics and winning decision making process, he sees it as the sense to “anticipate the future of business history” and “put responses in place before it happens”. Technology, according to Tram, represents adopting the latest digital solutions that will fundamentally change the way businesses operate and deliver value to customer, which encompass artificial intelligence, robotics, customer of one, etc. But digitization, as Tram affirmed, has to begin with people, with an environment where people want to change and transform your company. “If you want to change, you have to engage people in parallel”.

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