Mobilizing the power of collectivism on quality assurance is the leading spirit of the Quality Day this year held on March 16th, 2016. Speaking on the event, Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, CEO of FPT Software affirmed: “As the company and our project size grow larger, there will be more problems that the quality management team must overcome in order to complete their tasks. I put my faith in the Quality Assurance team that you will better exert your independent spirit in this battle, providing transparency, contributing to ensuring the highest quality for FPT Software. In addition, I also confirm that quality management activities are not only Quality Assurance team’s effort alone, but also the responsibility of each and every FPT Software’s employees”.

This year witnesses an important transformation step of the Quality Assurance role in FPT Software with the establishment of FPT Software Quality Center and the appointment of a new position named Chief Quality Officer (CQO) in the Board. Mr. Do Van Khac, formerly Vice President of Delivery was appointed on this position. According to Mr. Khac, these recent changes the independent role of Quality Assurance in the production processes and all activities of FPT Software, and simultaneously they will be provided with more operating authorities to ensure customer satisfaction as the most important value of the company’s services.

FPT Software's newly appointed Chief Quality Officer Mr. Do Van Khac sharing on Quality Day 2016
FPT Software’s newly appointed Chief Quality Officer Mr. Do Van Khac sharing on Quality Day 2016

March 16th has been chosen as the Quality Day of FPT Software since 2002. Looking back 14 years ago, this day marked FPT Software’s important milestone of being certified for CMM Level 4. This accredited the company as one of 120 software companies across the globe and the first company in Southeast Asia achieving this honor in quality assurance at that time.

Quality Day is not simply the event to honor those who carry out the activities of management and assurance for process and quality within the company, but it is also a reminder for each member of the company to always consciously maintain and contribute to ensuring the company’s quality in all activities to better serve clients.