Upon finishing his three-year period in the position of NXP’s Liaison Manager at FPT Software, Mr. Frank Steinert did share about his time working with FPT Software. Regarding the question about what impressed him the most over the last three years, Mr. Frank Steinert immediately mentioned FPT Software’s great ability to adapt, to change and to improve quickly. He emphasized that the achievement thus far would be the basis for the sustainable growth in the future cooperation of the two companies.

At first, he was still in doubt of FPT Software’s capability when taking the responsibility of a Liaison Manager in 2014; however, after 3 years working directly and closely with the team, Mr. Frank Steinert has always been “proud” of the progress that FPT Software has made. In his new position at NXP, Mr. Frank Steinert will continue to strengthen the relationship as well as supports to develop the scope and shape of the cooperation between NXP and FPT Software.

“Please keep up with the race that you have initiated and finish it in the best way. Hopefully in the next time when I come back here, I will see more improvements of FPT Software” he emphasized. “Vietnam, with its charm, has given me a wonderful time in my life. It’s just a peacefully majestic, adorable and friendly country…. Time flies and so I do, but I will remember you…” said Mr. Frank Steinert.

About NXP:

NXP is one of the top global semiconductor manufacturers headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands with more than 31,000 employees in33 countries. NXP and FPT Software have been working together in automotive sector with the establishment of an Offshore Development Center in Vietnam since 2008.