On December 14th, 2016, in Hanoi, FPT Software and Futurenuri .inc – Korea’s largest company of digital library system signed a MOU. Accordingly, the two sides will cooperate in providing and deploying Tulip digital library system in Vietnam and some other markets. FPT Software and Futurenuri will maximize their strengths to offer customers a digital library system which can meet their highest demands.



Tulip digital library has been successfully deployed by Futurenuri in six markets in the world and for more than 200 customers in the Korean market. Tulip is built in compliance with the international standards, supports multiple languages (including Vietnamese) and works with all the different types of libraries and future technology trends. FPT Software is the first partner of Futurenuri in Asia Pacific in terms of implementing Tulip digital library system.

Earlier, FPT Software and Futurenuri deployed Tulip system for the People’s Police Academy. The system includes the user interface; data search service; personal library service; online reference service; other services on handsets etc. The People’s Police Academy built up great expectations when replacing its traditional library with Tulip system. With more outstanding features, Tulip has been making professional library run smoothly.

FPT Software partnered with Futurenuri to develop the public digital library system in Japan and got appreciation from the customer. In its development strategy, the company further strengthens the provision of IT services for domestic customers besides expanding business globally.