IT is often deemed to be a man’s job, so women in the field are always special. It’s even more surprising to realize that the youngest person to take the Bridge Software Engineer role in FPT Software is a female, namely Huynh Lam Thanh Thao. Took the job at the age of 22, Thao receives huge admiration from colleagues throughout the company. Thao is now participating in several projects with the company’s Japanese clients.

Thao (right) is FPT Software's youngest Bridge Software Engineer
Thao (right) is FPT Software’s youngest Bridge Software Engineer

Bridge Software Engineer (BrSE) does not only require a wide amount of knowledge in the IT field, but also a decent skill in business communication to be able to stand as a bridge between the company and the client. Graduated from FPT University, Thao immediately joined the BrSE course to fulfill her IT dream. “ For me, learning never stops”, she shared. “ It (becoming a BrSE) is not adventurous; rather an attempt. I outlined the orientation for myself and I knew what I loved to do and what I needed, so I just did it. We can only grow from overcoming challenges”.

Thao is representing the new generation of Vietnamese people in general and the technology workforce of Vietnam in particular for her determination, effort and energy. They know their dream and are gradually making it happened.