At the recent 2015 company sum-up event, the title “Best performers of 2015” were awarded to four individuals who contributed significantly to the company’s success. According to FPT Software CEO Hoang Viet Anh, these are the most elite members to be admitted to the crew of super fleet heading for “open sea” and help the company achieving the 1B2020 goal.


Here are some highlights of the winners:

The Best performer of the year – Mr. Le Hong Hai


Joining FPT Software since 2004, Hai has experienced various positions from software engineer, Project Manager to Business Unit leader. Leading one of the biggest Business Units providing global service to US, Europe and Asia Pacific markets, Hai, in 2015, claimed the most significant growth rate of 70%, managing the increasing workforce from 180 to 340 employees by the end of 2015 from various countries such as India, the Philippines, Myanmar, Argentina, Ukraine and Nigeria.

Hai successfully implemented the first Cloud managed service projects in Europe and US, helping FPT Software become one of the earliest AWS Audited Managed Service Partner, and thus creating a solid foundation for the kick-off of the new Cloud Managed Services in FPT Software.

1st Runner-up – Dodan Vojko


Joining RWE in 2006 as a Developer/Tester. After the FPT Software acquisition of RWE IT Slovakia in 2014, Dodan took the Global QA Head position at FPT Slovakia, managing task forces in 4 different locations in Hanoi, Danang, Hochiminh City, Kosice. At all times, he is trusted by customers for carrying out on-time and high quality projects.

In 2015 Dodan is recognized by one of FPT’s biggest clients as the Best Automated QA Partner. He also successfully transformed from Extended Team model to Project-based & Consulting services.

2nd Runner-up – Le Tec Nen & Bui Anh Tuan


Bringing his experience as a Business Unit Leader in Vietnam, Nen joined FPT Japan for just one year but he had remarked his contribution in several important responsibilities in the biggest market of FPT Software: from Presales and managing mega accounts; Delivery Manager for various hundred-manmonth projects; HR management and resource planning, to Delivery improvement.


Tuan, on the other hand, is the Art Design Director at FPT Software. Tuan devotes himself to create a unique FPT’s corporate culture as of today in the  all employees, customers and friends.