Hung, born in 1989, is a professional analyst in the oil and gas industry of FPT Software working with US clients. Hung’s unit is the only unit of FPT Software engaging in the field of oil and gas which is relatively new to the software industry. Currently the members of the unit has successfully developed over 10 applications for customers in the field.

“Oil & Gas” is a complex field which requires absolute precision. Therefore, the software engineers must have technical expertise as well as fundamental knowledge of the industry. Therefore, when participating in the project, as a business analyst, Hung had to dig deep to study about the industry to understand the client’s requirements and transfer his understanding back to his colleagues. In 2015, Hung decided to go to the United States for nine months as a Bridge Software Engineer.

Hung is FPT Software’s expert in Oil and Gas domain


On FPT Software’s current job on the field, the young expert shared: “The operation of ‘oil’ project is somewhat similar to a software project, also running through various stages. These include idea proposal, project planning, development, testing and production. In this field there are several tasks in between such as geological examination, regional examination, rig construction and drilling; after which there will be well completion and mining. FPT Software’s main tasks are in the well completion stage”.

One of FPT Software’s project is creating the software to track the process to detect problems. “Normally clients have to fill 40-50 samples to predict problems. With our software they just need to fill much as 8 to have accurate results.
This is important as when a rig about 3-4 kilometers away from mainland has a problem, it can cause gas leaks possibly resulting in explosion. “It may take an hour flight to rescue people. Therefore safety and precision are foremost in this field. To be safe, the software quality must be at the highest level. “Hung said.

About the opportunity for FPT Software on the industry, Hung asserted positively: “Currently oil prices are staying at a low level in a long time so big oil and gas companies are implementing cost-cutting policies. The use of outsourcing will help these companies save lots of cost comparing to self-development . Meanwhile, major firms are spending tens of millions of dollars annually for maintenance, repair and software development. So this is a very potential market. I believe with our domain expertise and technology knowledge, FPT Software can help Oil and Gas companies focus on core business while reducing cost significantly.

Hung is a typical FPT Software’s employee to represent the new generation of Vietnamese people in general and the technology workforce of Vietnam in particular for his determination, effort and energy. They know their dream and are gradually making it happened.