Attending Cloud Days 2016 in Tokyo on March 10th and 11th as Gold sponsor, FPT Software has attracted around 900 participants to explore the company’s services on Cloud, including 200 people joining the seminar under the topic “IBM Lotus Notes Migration and IoT on Azure platform” and 700 visitors to the company’s exhibition booth. With the presence at Cloud Days 2016, FPT Software looks to reaffirm its position in Japan as a leading company in IT innovation and modernization, especially on new technologies such as Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Azure platform.


At the seminar, participants paid high concentration on the 3 challenges FPT faced when implementing IoT projects for clients, including “Handling huge amount of data under time constraint”, “Ensuring security” and “Real-time analytics” as well as the solutions FPT Software provided to cope with such difficulties and bring about business values to these companies. Key speakers of the seminar were Mr. Kuninobu Sasaki from Partner Sales Department-Strategic Business Sales Division, Microsoft Japan and Mr. Kotaro Maeno, FPT Japan’s Cloud Consulting Manager.


At the exhibition booth, FPT Software showcased its professional Cloud services, including Cloudification, Notes Migration, IoT in the Cloud and Cloud Managed services. IoT proves to be a major topic this year with over 40% visitors at the company’s booth were concerned about the service, while Cloudification and Notes Migration were the next topics to attract high number of visitors. For more information about FPT Software’s IoT services, please visit 


Cloud Days Tokyo 2016 is a major theme of an extensive event held by Nikkei BP in Tokyo and Osaka that captures the current understanding and experiences of utilizing current technology trends such as Cloud, Big Data, Security, Mobility and Internet of Things. This year’s event attracted over 15,000 guests and approximately 100 international and Japanese companies including Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Toshiba, NEC, VMWare, etc. For more information on the event, please visit