On July 25-27th, 2016, GE held the first Predix Developer Conference named Predix Transform 2016 in Las Vegas, US. During this event, GE opened the first ever Predix certification exam to the public. 5 FPT developers attended the exams and all were among few who claimed the certificates.


The Predix Certified Developer certification for programmer requires participants to grasp the entire service up-to-date provided by Predix, to make sure candidates will be able to work with all applications on the platform .

As the first among the team to receive the certificate, Anh Nguyen, the onsite team leader believed this was an opportunity to prove not only his capability but also FPT Software’s competency in Predix technology to clients.

Information on Predix is widespread. Therefore, even for experienced programmers, to be able to work on Predix platform requires a certain time of practice“, said Anh Nguyen. “Our task is to maintain the current market, then expand to other markets on Industrial IoT. To achieve this, Predix Certification is the first important step. Our team members are also learning more on industrial systems to master the technology and provide customers with best end-to-end solutions”.

FPT Software is currently GE’s Predix Global Partner. Apart from the current projects in US, the company looks to expand the partnership with GE in global scale, specifically in Japan, EU and Asia Pacific markets where FPT Software has strong market presence. This was an initiative shared by FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh and GE Chief Digital Officer Bill Ruh.

About Predix:

Predix is the software platform that powers the Industrial Internet. Based on GE’s unparalleled expertise in brilliant machines, Predix handles big data at an industrial scale and with industrial-strength security. Deployed on machines, onsite, or in the cloud, Predix drives the insights that transform and improve asset performance management (APM), operations, and business.