Texas, October 2022 – FPT USA Corporation proudly announced its achievement as a Great Place To Work certified company amongst other distinguished workplaces. The news came in as it celebrated its 14th anniversary.


FPT USA Corporation (FPT USA), the IT company focusing on digital transformation and a subsidiary of the global IT company FPT Software, announced it obtained the Great Place To Work certification in early October.

As a global authority on workplace culture and employee experience with trust leadership, the Great Place To Work assessment is based on independent employees’ survey answers about their company. In their responses, 86% of FPT USA employees stated that the company is a great place to work, compared to 57% at typical US-based companies.

Employees praised FPT USA for being a safe, healthy workplace both physically and mentally, for not discriminating against gender, for providing appropriate resources, and for the management team providing a clear company vision and trust in their people. Overall, no question received less than 70% positive responses, demonstrating employees’ appreciation for the company’s efforts in creating a great workplace.

Being a part of a global IT enterprise, FPT USA has a diverse workforce, with people coming from countries besides the U.S. or Canada, together with nearshore service centres in Columbia, Costa Rica, etc. The company embraces its diversity through various bonding activities, promoting personal strengths via training & sharing sessions, with supporting policies to help people settle down in their new roles. These activities are based on the company’s own guiding values, as shared by CEO Phuong Dang, such as respect, innovation, and teamwork, combined with the American spirit: straightforward and transparent.

“These certifications are the pride of FPT USA. As a whole, we have established a good workplace culture in the US, in addition to our own values regarding human development and business.” CEO Phuong Dang said. He continued to emphasize: “It’s important for us to strive for further achievements and maintain an energetic, creative and genuine workplace culture, laying the foundation to realize our next big dreams in the US and global market.”

Established in 2008, FPT USA has developed its presence with over 300 staff working across 30 states. Last May, the company opened its latest office in New York – the symbolic city of the USA. They maintained double-digit growth in the last 5 years, providing full-scope digital transformation services to over 100 partners from banking & finance, automotive, retail, aviation, utilities, energy, and so on. The CEO of the growing business has bigger dreams.

“Our target revenue is half a billion dollars by 2024, being the leading market of FPT Software. As we continue to grow, FPT USA is creating every opportunity for our employees to freely develop themselves, seize opportunities, succeed and advance at work”, he said.

Achieving the Great Place To Work certification is the first step towards realizing this goal, as they continue to improve their workforce development policy along with expanding their business to a global scale.


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