On 13/10/2015, FPT USA celebrates its 7th anniversary. In 7 years of operation, FPT USA has proudly worked with leading companies in the USA, and competed fairly with top IT corporations in the world with a team of global employees from various nationalities, working at 6 branches and offices across the country.



FPT USA was established on 13/10/2008 at Delaware, headquartered in Richardson (Texas), with other offices in Los Angeles, New York, Bellevue, Renton and Silicon Valley.

On the 7 years anniversary, CEO Hoang Viet Anh also expressed his cerebration: “US market is the core market of FPT Software since our beginning. I am proud of what FPT USA had done in 7 years. In this market we had been through several important milestones, though the possibility is vast and we must keep moving forward. We are restructuring the whole system to be more professional and to bring out the youth power of our IT experts”.