A Telecommunication Helpdesk Chatbot has been successfully built by FPT Software, with the goal of automating the Singaporean leading telecommunication company’s customer service.

The chatbot is developed as an effective 24/7-available communication channel for solving many business process. As the customer is a Telecommunication giant which owns a lot of call centres, the chatbot is expected to minimize the burden by reducing cost and time. It is responsible for resolving customers’ queries, answering 200 – 300 emails and 100 chat conversations per day, updating information about latest products, and supporting with customer account issues. 500 – 1000 customers are served by chatbot at the same time.

According to FPT Software, chatbot’s natural language processing is deployed on FPT.AI by Go and Python. With FPT.AI, the customer is able to strengthen data security, flexible modification and competitive license cost. The chatbot is also developed in C#,. NET platform. FPT Software takes charge of designing interface, coding and integrating chatbot to enterprise system.

FPT Software’s chatbot is developed with the aim of helping the Singapore-based Telecom giant increase business performance, employee productivity and enhance user experience. “Chatbot’s productivity is reported to be 7 times higher than a support centre agent’s. Chatbot is able to handle with 400 conversations per day, whereas an agent can only do with 60”. Project Manager Tran Trung Kien affirmed. “With this AI-powered solution, human agents at customer’s call are allowed to work on more important tasks as well as provide better service, leading to significant cost savings for the customer.” Additionally, user experience has been improved with 24/7 customer service, rapid answers and friendly interaction provided by chatbot. Adopting chatbot to business has also affirmed the leading position of the customer not only in the Telecommunication industry but also in the race towards Industry 4.0.

The project is the first end-to-end chatbot solution by FPT which can easily be extended to other customers. Since then, it has been presaled for many large customers in Singapore and Malaysia.