FPT Korea has successfully signed a contract of co-developing robotics software with one of the largest business conglomerates in South Korea, marking a great achievement of the company in the journey of thriving in the fourth largest economy in Asia.

Under the collaboration, FPT Korea will help the customer develop a management system to monitor robots, which is expected to reach completion in eight months. With the new advancement in robot system, the customer will be able to reduce manually operational cost and diversify its supplier list in order to better focus on developing high technology as well as create huge business efficiencies. The collaboration with FPT Korea also indicates a significant change in customer’s business strategy as they have shifted the outsourcing market from India to Vietnam because of the labor cost competitiveness.

This first contract signed to co-develop a robot software in the heavy industry has also enhanced FPT Korea’s expertise in Automation and Smart Factory. Prior to this, FPT Software implemented robotics projects including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project for a leading Telecommunications company in Japan and NAO robot development for a multinational telecommunication company and Institute of American Education – IAE. Cooperating with a large multi-profile Korean business conglomerate will pave the way for FPT Korea to better approach more technology and business giants in South Korea.

“FPT Korea is given the opportunity to solve the problem of manpower scarcity for both Government and enterprises in South Korea under the scenario that investments have been increasing. This cooperation will also add up to FPT Korea’s experience in Smart Factory and highlight the company’s profile as a trusted technology company with cost-efficient yet cutting-edge IT services.” Said Nguyen Tran Phuong Mai, Sales Manager of FPT Korea.

FPT Korea was established in 2016, aiming to concentrate on three strategic industries in Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Media Entertainment with specialized services including Product Engineering, Cloud Professional and Mobility. Its revenue in 2017 and customer list in 2018 has tripled and doubled respectively since the previous year. Until now, the company has created the opportunities to expand business in the field of Automation and Smart Factory.