After one month published in Github and Xamarin Component Store, FPT Software’s UI Library for iOS and Xamarin platform has gained several positive feedbacks from developers and testers across the globe. Since its establishment, the library has attracted thousands of followers, 800+ likes and over 100 downloads. Also, it is ranked as one of the top most popular product in Maniacdev, a popular platform for Apple professional developers.

FPT Software’s UI library is an open source framework that includes a variety of customizable modules that developers can build upon and share with the community, especially for developers, who want to build up iOS application according to Google Material Design.

According to some feedbacks, the library is one of the most fulfilled and applicable library for mobile developers. Kukës lodging Some developers are also willing to provide some updates such as editing calendar for Chinese market or request to fulfil other features i.e. changing fonts, background for message or hide/unhide tab bar, etc.

Interested individuals can experience the product at (Github iOS) and (Xamarin iOS).