On 25th March 2016, the monthly Solution Forum organized by FPT Software was held at its Hanoi office under the theme “Industrial IoT on the Cloud”, which attracted nearly 100 participants.



Speakers from FPT Software Cloud Innovation R&D, Solution Technology Units and Business Units gave an overview on IoT as a new trend, a sustainable technology of the future and how FPT Software has successfully utilized it to better assist clients in meeting their unique business objectives through 3 case studies, namely:

  • How FPT as a technology partner of a Fortune 500 American multinational conglomerate adopting its commercial Industrial IoT platform to develop a transportation solution that enable Real time Driving Safety Information System, Planning Assistant/Scheduling Optimization and Predictive Maintenance.
  • How FPT help a leading Japanese multinational IT equipment and services develop its major IoT Framework, prioritizing the understanding of human behavior as the utmost importance of the system.
  • How FPT Software tackles Data Ingestion, Security, Real-time and Big Data Analytics for a leading home heating system provider in the US to enable their Light Building Management System to monitor and control the heating and cooling system, control in-house electronic devices such as lighting system, energy optimization and control by national organization.

Internet of Things (IoT), especially Industrial IoT, is one of 3 key topics identified by FPT Software in 2016, along with Cloud and Big Data, for a better boost of R&D Process and clients satisfaction. Unlike consumer devices, industrial machines and system have a greater complexity, especially data connectivity protocols support, reliability and security. FPT Software IoT experts have been helping their clients rapidly build a reliable and cost effective IoT solutions leveraging the team’s years of experience in Cloud Technology and various projects with Industrial customers.

For more information on FPT Software’s Industrial IoT on the Cloud, please visit: https://www.fpt-software.com/industrial-iot/