FPT Software’s Digital Transformation service, which is one of the two awarded information technology (IT) products, was honored in the Top 10 Key Industrial Products of Hanoi in 2018.

Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee recognized the Key Industrial Products of Hanoi in 2018 for 61 products of 36 enterprises, with the recognition period of 3 years until 2022. Moreover, 10 products of 9 enterprises have been recognized by the Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee as the Top 10 Key Industrial Products of Hanoi in 2018.

In the list of 61 Key Industrial Products of Hanoi in 2018, there are 13 products and services of 4 IT companies, including FPT Software with Digital Transformation services, VNPT Technology with GPON optical network equipment; and BKAV Joint Stock Company with Bkav Pro software and digital signature services. Notably, FPT Software’s Digital Transformation service and VNPT Technology’s GPON optical network equipment are listed on the Top 10 list of Key Industrial Products of Hanoi in 2018.

Enterprises recognized by Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee as the Key Industrial Products will be granted certificates of Key Industrial Products in Hanoi and certificate of the Top 10 Key Industrial Products. Enterprises are required to promote and honor the products widely on mass media of Hanoi as well as are given priority to participate in Hanoi’s promoting programs an events according to regulations. Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee asked enterprises of which products are recognized as Key Industrial Products of Hanoi to develop their production and business strategies to improve the technology production, optimize inputs and improve efficiency, labor productivity, product quality, expand the domestic market, and meet the requirements of export and international integration.

Since 2017, Digital Transformation has become a business direction of FPT Software, to bring benefit to both the customers and the company. Over the recent years, FPT’s capabilities and pioneering position of Digital Transformation have been proven by global success stories such as: applying the most up-to-date technologies on developing Airbus’s digital services platform Skywise, implementing Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Vietnam’s Oil & Gas Industry, etc. Gaining such global accomplishments has entrusted FPT as a Vietnam focal point in Digital Transformation journey. Earlier this year, by joining force with Intellinet, an US-based management consulting and technology services firm, the company is expected to deliver comprehensive Digital Transformation services for global top companies.