FPT Software will bear 100 percent COVID-19 vaccination cost for all of its employees in the Philippines, who are eligible and choose to get vaccinated. This initiative comes as part of the company’s effort to protect its people against the continued pandemic surge.

FPT Software’s employees in the Philippines

The announcement was made during the official opening ceremony of the new FPT Software branch in Makati, Metro Manila earlier last month. Accordingly, the company will coordinate with its medical insurance service provider to settle the administrative cost and procedures of the vaccination process, which is expected to take place between the third and fourth quarter this year.

As of May 4, the Philippines has recorded the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia. The development of COVID-19 vaccines, which are deemed safe and highly effective as declared by the World Health Organization, is considered a breakthrough in the fight against the virus. More vaccine supplies on the way are expected to help the country accelerate towards recovery, enabling people to return to work and continue with their daily lives free from fear of infection.

FPT Software’s employees wearing hand-made face shields

In the battle against the pandemic, health and safety of employees, customers, and partners remain FPT Software’s number one priority. The company has taken prompt actions at all of its locations worldwide to safeguard its employees’ well-being and maintain business as usual. Last year, FPT Software upgraded its IT system to get ready for the remote working phase. The company also arranged “rescue flights” to bring its employees and their families to Vietnam amid the COVID-19 heat.