Internet of Things (IoT) is now a top concern of consumers as well as companies providing services and even IT solutions. Number of enterprises with technological needs for IoT applications is predicted to multiply in the coming years. The diverse needs and constantly changing nature of the market demand IT companies to be able to make technological innovation to reform industries in order to meet such changes and development. As one of the leading IT companies in the field of new technology, FPT Software will cooperate with 2 Japanese leaders in IT, NTT-Communications and Toshiba, to organize an in-depth seminar to share expertise on IoT solutions implemented on secured network, edge computing technology and IoT solutions effectively developed by offshore method. Participants will be enterprises or anyone seeking solutions and more knowledge on IoT technology.

IoT technology

The seminar will be held at the NTT-Communications Office in Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan on June 17th at 13: 00 ~ 16: 50. Participants can have private discussion with each company after 16:50. The seminar will feature the participation of IoT solution consultants of all 3 companies to share about the experience, the reform of technical changes / solutions that are helpful to the development / application of IoT technology.

Mr. Kotaro Maeno – FPT Software’s Cloud Consulting Manager will open the seminar with a presentation on 3 challenges that any company should consider in the IoT environmental construction phase namely “Performance”, ” Security ” and” Real time “. Mr. Maeno’s talki will also cover developing effective IoT solutions using offshore development.

Following is the presentation of Mr. Akira Sakaino – IoT Evangelist Senior Manager of NTT-Communications, Inc. on security issues of IoT across industries, and solutions to such issues under the topic “Toward the development of IoT security technology to protect the safety of the plant, products and critical infrastructure “. In particular, in his presentation, he also talked about the preparations for Cyberattack, IoT security development process using SIEM (Cyber attack protection tool) and Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Takehiro Toshimoto – Products Division Councilor, Product Planning Department, Toshiba Corporation Industrial ICT solutions, Inc. will provide a talk titled “Site optimum cloud type services to realize the IoTSmartEDA® sensing & Action” which introduces Toshiba’s SmartEDA – IoT cloud products to adapt with the changing demands on IoT.

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