On Feb 2nd, FPT Software representatives led by the company’s CEO Mr. Hoang Viet Anh have met and signed a cooperating agreement with the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology. This is the second agreement the company has with Vietnamese universities this year to promote IT education and training in Vietnam.

FPT Software CEO signs agreement to train IT resources with Posts & Telecommunications Institute
FPT Software CEO signs agreement to train IT resources with Posts & Telecommunications Institute

Similar to the agreement with the Water Resource University signed earlier this year, students of the Posts & Telecommunications Institute of Technology will be provided workshops on technologies, working processes and corporate culture to prepare for their future career. Students can join transfer programs in several projects at FPT Software to gain more realistic knowledge and working experiences.

According to representatives from the Training Center of FPT Software, the program will divided into 3 phases. Phase 1is for first-year students, where FPT Software will coordinate together with the university to organize clubs, activities and orientation for students regarding the IT field. On phase 2, the second-year to fourth-year students will be participating in technology forums to earn more knowledge on the field as well as a clearer orientation for their jobs after the graduation. The final phase is where FPT Software offers courses from basic to advance to provide specialized knowledge for the students in different projects of the company, specifically in new technologies such as SMAC.

Speaking at the agreement ceremony, Dr. Vu Van San – Director of the Institute has expressed his joy of the archived agreements between the two sides and expected that the cooperation will bring strongly benefit students. Dr. Vu Van San hoped that the cooperation between the Institute and FSOFT will shorten the gap between theory and practice and help students in mastering the technology as soon as they graduates.

The training program has been provided to various universities throughout the country, with the objective to increase the quality of IT education and training in Vietnam and get students prepared for their future career. This is also one of FPT’s Social Responsibility initiative to create IT resources for Vietnam and contribute to raising Vietnam’s profile on the global digital map.