FPT Software recently announces a multi-million Euro deal with RWE Czech to provide IT services based on Cloud technology. The client – RWE, is one of Europe’s top electricity and gas companies with around 59,000 employees across countries. Under the contract, FPT Software will provide RWE Czech with IT infrastructure, SAP solutions, application migration and the conversion of all business areas to cloud computing technology using Managed Service model. The contract duration is four years, starting March 2016.

The project is an addition to the company’s knowledge and expertise on Cloud technology. As the leading company in the field, FPT Software understand clients’ concerns while moving to the Cloud and have the know-how to overcome these obstacles. Through its experiences in Cloud services and partnership with major companies i.e. AWS, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Office 365 and Salesforce, etc., the company has helped clients choose the suitable Cloud platform and adopt Cloud technology, proven through numerous projects in various domains such as Utility, Transportation, Healthcare, Broadcasting, Education, Manufacturing and Retail, etc.

FPT Software welcomed RWE Czech to F-Town campus in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
FPT Software welcomed RWE Czech to F-Town campus in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam


Trusting FPT for its capabilities, quality and cost-efficient aspect, Mr. Martin Goetz – Managing Direct of RWE GBS Czech affirmed: “FPT as provider of cloud operations managed service was chosen based on Cloud capabilities and great satisfaction with managed service, in which FPT is delivering to RWE CZ in SAP area including SAP ERP, HCM and BI”.

As suggested by FPT Software, the project is to operate under “best-shore model” , which is the combination of a nearshore team seating in Czech Republic and an offshore team in Vietnam to best leverage the cost effectiveness of the company. For the time being, FPT Software will send a team of 10 software engineers to Czech Republic to manage the transfer of knowledge and technology as well as setting up operation procedures between the nearshore and offshore team.

The agreement will help FPT Software to boost our revenue and our delivery capabilities at Europe. The combination of “off” and “near” shore to a “best shore” approach is our key value to provide customers in Europe the best of “two worlds.”- said Mr. Hoang Viet Anh, CEO of FPT Software.