Late July 2020, FPT Software was named “Best Partner” by Panasonic ITS (PITS), a subsidiary specialized in Automotive of Japanese leading electronics company Panasonic. The award is bestowed annually to outstanding partners of PITS. This is the first time FPT Software have received this award.

FPT Software is recognized for its significant contribution to the establishment of Panasonic Asia Center of Innovation (PACI) – the development base of PITS in Vietnam. FPT Software started building offshore development team at PACI from 200 engineers in July 2019 to nearly 300 staff in early 2020. From 2019, FPT Software has been in charge of developing software for automotive infotainment system, helping PITS deliver high quality automotive products to one of the biggest car OEMs in the world.

Panasonic Asia Center of Innovation’s staff at FPT Software’s campus, Hanoi


“It is a great honor for FPT Software to become Panasonic ITS’ best partner. This award opens the opportunities for us to promote our image to other subsidiaries of Panasonic Corporation and affirms our position as enterprises’ trusted partner in the turbulent time”, said FPT Software’s SVP, Head of Automotive & Manufacturing Verticals Nguyen Duc Kinh.

FPT Software has been partnering with PITS for six years straight. From taking over challenging projects to providing tailor-made CAN (Car Area Network) solution, FPT Software has helped PITS drastically reduce operational cost and enhance its prestige with customers through several successful projects. In the time of COVID-19, the company is evaluated the fastest-responding one among PITS’ vendors. While other vendors failed to keep up with progress due to pandemic impacts, FPT Software still maintains its progress and productivity despite work-from-home period. PITS, therefore, handed over more complicated components and technologies for In-vehicle infotainment system to FPT Software. Vietnam’s leading IT service provider has delivered results with comparable quality.