As Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner, FPT Software’s participation at FEST 2015 in Osaka, Japan helps the company confirm its position in the market and reaffirm the company’s aim: “FPT is your number one migration partner”.

Presenting at the event from 17:00-17:45, October 6th 2015 at The Westin Hotel Osaka, Japan, FPT Software will showcase the company’s broad expertise on Cloud Migration with the speech of Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, Chairman of the company. The company also looks to demonstrate its unique Citus™ Cloud Suite to assist clients in accelerating transition and simplifying operation. Citus™ Cloud Suite is a set of tools developed by FPT Software to better assist clients in Cloud transition and Cloud management from consultancy to post-implementation phases. By combining FPT Software’s proven Cloud expertise with Vietnam’s cost competitiveness, the tool suite offers an effective way to enhance productivity and reducing time-to-market while keeping enterprises’ Cloud budget at a minimum level. The component tools are divided into four main group: Cloudification, SaaSification, Cloud Management & DevOp Enablement.

“Partner FEST2015”, the largest chain of events of Microsoft Japan has been taking place in six major cities in western Japan. Osaka is the final destination which will be held at The Westin Hotel Osaka, Japan on October 6th 2015. With a target audience of Microsoft partners, the event focuses on the introduction of services and solutions from Microsoft partners to attendees. More information at