FPT Software opened a user interface programming library on iOS via Github. Rated as one of the most complete open sources for iOS, the iOS UI library platform includes multiple modules, which can be easily updated and adjusted depending on requirements and sharing with the community.
Open source is free software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. Besides Stack Overflow, Code Project and Codementor, Github is one of the popular websites in which developers can build, share their products and interact with the community.
From the first launching days, the library has drawn much attention of developers with over 3,000 follows, 100 downloads, 500 likes and over 50 accesses.
Currently, in addition to updating some necessary features, FPT Software has run the library on HTML5 for Sencha Touch with same features on Github.
In the past few years, in addition to developing products and services appropriate to the technology trends of the world, FPT Software has paid much attention to building products and organizing activities for the tech community.
The UI library aims to help developers view, modify or enhance source code as well as shows the desire to build the suitable tools for multiple industries. This also contributes to demonstrating FPT’s competency in Enterprise Mobility segment.
Interested individuals can experience the product at http://github.com/fpt-software/Material-Controls-For-iOS (Github)  and http://components.xamarin.com/view/materialcontrols (Xamarin).

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