As a global corporation, FPT Software recognizes the importance of establishing a Code of Business Conduct to state out regulation and indication on modern workplace behavior and standardized business conduct to meet up with the company’s business culture, domestic regulation and international business expectation.

With the release of the Code of Business Conduct, FPT Software also allows stakeholders to report for any risk or violation to the Code. More information on the Code of Business Conduct and Reporting form can be accessed at

Regarding the release of the Code of Business Conduct, FPT Software Chairman Hoang Nam Tien stated:

Customers, staff and many stakeholders importantly contribute to the success of FPT Software. However, the ultimate goal of us is not only concerning of supreme business achievement but also the way how we perform to achieve. Business ethics & regulation compliance, featured values of FPT Software are essential elements in our success. The Code of Business Conduct is the foundation for all FPT Software operation and activities. The Code consists of core principles, ensure legal responsibility and also ethical standard within FPT Software…

I appreciate and value your co-operation and compliance on The Code of Business Conduct implementation in order to build up a transparent, sustainable and culture deeply imbued with FPT Software’s identity.”