FPT Software, the global leading IT service provider, attended the Future CIO Malaysia Conference to discuss the evolving role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and the future of application modernisation. 

Centered around key topics such as the future of cloud, work, and IT, the event gathered several CEOs, CIOs, and leading IT practitioners from multiple industries in Malaysia to discuss and share insights into digital optimisation, acceleration, and transformation. Mr. Bui Dinh Giap, the CEO and Founder of FPT’s RPA platform akaBot, also shared his expertise in a session titled “Fast-Tracking Application Modernisation and Embracing Agility in Digital Enterprise”. 

Mr. Giap's session delved into the importance of application modernisation for digital transformation initiatives. With insightful responses and compelling case studies, he highlighted the necessity of application modernisation in building a robust digital transformation landscape through two case studies. The first case study showcased a successful collaboration between the Malaysian government and Microsoft, where application modernisation played a pivotal role in streamlining operations and improving efficiency. The latter featured Pastry Pro, a customer of akaBot, which digitally transformed its operations by automating stock tracking processes.

When asked about critical components of application modernisation, Giap emphasized the human factor as the center of success. “People are the most crucial component of application modernisation. Along with DX (digital transformation) and TX (technology transformation), one of the important aspects at akaBot is PX (people transformation), which focuses on changing people's mindsets and behaviors.” he shared.

Mr. Bui Dinh Giap, CEO & Founder of FPT akaBot, presented at the panel discussion. 

“We are confident that akaBot provides businesses with hyper automation capabilities with the simplicity of low-code applications. With an end-to-end business process automation, we can bridge the gap between legacy systems and digital transformation, creating no interruption in business.” - Mr. Giap pledged.

As a proud sponsor of the event, FPT Software also showcased its low-code and cloud capabilities to help companies reduce development cost, improve productivity and achieve business excellence.