In a recent interview with Vietnam’s national television VTV, FPT Software Hoang Nam Tien stressed the importance of artificial intelligence in solving real-life problems, particularly in healthcare.

“Technologies are no longer for wooing purposes. They have really changed our lives”, he told the reporter.


FPT Software Chairman discussed AI technology on National Television VTV1


“These days, people are concerning about the risk of getting Coronavirus infection right? Here is where Artificial Intelligence and Big Data come into play. There is actually a program that allows us to track the travel history of infected people and predict where the virus would go next”, Tien said.

“Further, facial recognition technologies have enabled us to recognize infected patients through CCTV cameras and check where they have been, who they have met and how they might have interacted with other people. Technically, it is feasible in China”, he noted.

Being a global IT services provider, FPT Software is “definitely not lagging behind in many areas”, Tien confirmed.

We started researching and developing AI applications five years ago, at first mainly for demonstration. But the past two years have seen us turning artificial into reality”, he said.

Tien cited two AI-powered products that FPT Software has recently deployed. “We’ve developed a deep learning model to enable early detection of pneumothorax with the accuracy of 85.7 per centWe also an AI medical app in diagnosis and treatment guidance of skin disease and open wounds using pictures of the inflicted skin”.

The opportunities to address healthcare problems with digital technologies are huge, from decoding virus genome to mapping epidemic simulations. And then we have technologies that enable online work and study”, he noted.

“All these are breakthrough trends that have prevailed in recent years, and will be in many years to come”.