The celebration ceremony of 10-year cooperation between Hitachi Healthcare (formerly Hitachi Medical Corporation) and FPT Software has taken place in September, 2017. The ceremony was well attended by leaders from two parties with nearly 100 members working in this project.

With the theme “Work together, win together”, the ceremony marked a journey of 10 years as well as message about a vision and long-term objectives in the future. FPT Software will continue to be the strategic partner providing high-tech solutions for medical equipment manufactured by Hitachi. Hitachi’s equipment is now available worldwide and is one of the most popular products used in Japan’s medical centers.


Previously, Hitachi Medical Corporation (predecessor of Hitachi Healthcare) had established cooperation with an Indian partner but the project did not reach any success. Hitachi Medical Corporation looked for another software development partner. They paid the first visit to FPT Software in July 2007. Since then, there have been thousands of business trips and visits between two parties; and participants have reached 200 people both in Japan and Vietnam to carry out software development projects such as: diagnosis using images on MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-ray and Protonbeam cancer therapy.

Products in the projects require extremely high technical and quality level because any wrong measures can have a serious effect on human health. Therefore there was still a doubt cast on capability of FPT Software in the first place. Gradually with strong knowledge base and utmost responsibility, along with high quality result, FPT Software has established absolute trust with the client. In addition, its members never cease updating knowledge in response to super rapid development technology in medical field.

Hitachi Healthcare Manufacturing remarked about two parties’ collaboration journey: 10 years could be divided into 2 phases, the first 5 years was initial, the later 5 years was stabilization and development. The next “New Phase” will be an advance in expanding the collaboration to enter age of IoT and Big Data in medical and healthcare industry.