FPT Software and VinCSS recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) targeting the automotive sector. The collaboration will benefit Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers by providing access to a broader range of solutions and services that comply with global industry standards. 

The partnership enables both companies to enhance their solutions by leveraging each other’s resources, expertise, and network. As part of the MoU, FPT Software will integrate VinCSS’s solutions into its existing products and services to enrich the cybersecurity capabilities. This integration will enable FPT Software to access more demanding markets such as the US and Europe, where VinCSS’s certified solutions are essential for compliance with high safety standards. 

VinCSS will also provide the cybersecurity training materials and resources to empower FPT Software to effectively engage with customers. This collaboration will allow VinCSS to access FPT Software’s global client network and open new business opportunities. 

Building upon the shared vision to harness technologies to boost safety and enhance customer experience for end users, FPT Software and VinCSS are committed to co-developing integrated solutions, fostering comprehensive training initiatives, and proactively pursuing new business opportunities.

“With Software’s decade-long experience, scalable workforce, global presence, and VinCSS’s cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, we are confident that this partnership will pave the way for us to deliver exceptional values to our global clients and shape the future of connected mobility,” said FPT Automotive CEO Kinh Nguyen.

Tin Nguyen, Director of Automotive Cybersecurity at VinCSS, stated: "While VinCSS has achieved significant success in launching automotive cybersecurity services within the region, our partnership with FPT Software enables us to expand our global reach and tap into new markets. Their extensive network allows us to deliver greater value in the secure development of automotive systems across multiple new markets that are still in search of top-tier service providers like VinCSS.”

As a part of FPT Software and its parent company, FPT Corporation’s focus on the automotive industry, FPT Automotive, was launched last December. The automotive technology subsidiary boasts a global team of 4,000 software engineers and experts, serving notable clients such as Hyundai, Honda, Volvo, and Vietnam's electric vehicle manufacturer VinFast. Earlier this year, the company inaugurated a new office in Pune, India, as part of its strategy to become a billion-dollar, world-class provider of automotive services and products by 2030.