FPT Software recently signed an official contract to provide its University Management Solution namely ‘Eduprove’ for the Quang Ngai University of Accounting & Finance. The software was developed under the cooperation between FPT Software and Hitachi in 2012. It was originally a comprehensive university management support system provided by Hitachi to Japanese universities. Together, the two companies localized the program into Vietnam and changed the specifications in accordance with the Vietnamese university system under the name ‘Eduprove’.

According to the contract, FPT Software will begin to deploy Eduprove for Quang Ngai University of Accounting & Finance from April 19th with enhancement in the following functions: lecture planning, lecture assigning, scheduling, module registration and timetable arrangement. The deployment of Eduprove is expected to help Quang Ngai University of Accounting & Finance shorten lecture planning from 2 weeks to 1 day, lecture assigning from 3 days to half a day and timetable arrangement from 3 weeks to 3 days.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Phuong, Director of FPT Software Danang: “FPT Software, together with Hitachi, is committed to provide the Quang Ngai University of Accounting & Finance in particular and other educational institutions in Vietnam in general, with a comprehensive and most effective management solution, thus contributing to elevate the status of Vietnam educational institutions in a regional and global scale“.

‘Eduprove’ was the joint-effort of Hitachi Group and FPT Software to build a comprehensive solution for education institutions

Eduprove, originally “Uniprove”, was the joint-effort of Hitachi Group and FPT Software to build a comprehensive solution to provide information management for students from entry to graduation and administrative support for teaching staff.

The software’s main focus is on the automation of business process management for university education, such as arranging schedules, student management, tuition management, approval and evaluation of the learning students, aggregate data and statistics, human resource management, decentralized data processing into multiple levels of management, mining and search information online training school. Thus, the school can easily manage the learning process and the related tasks of the students from entering the school until graduation. In addition, Eduprove also supports a diverse types of education institutions such as colleges, universities, post graduate institute; regular, yearly training model or a combination of both credit institutions and traditional education institutions.

Developed based on Cloud and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), Eduprove allows clients to choose different using methods that match their actual needs, such as the use of a whole product package; customized for necessary functional modules or in the form of leasing software services (SaaS).