TULIP integrated e-library is a collaborative research and development product of FPT Software and Futurenuri, the leading digital library company in Korea. TULIP is based on the cloud computing platform with outstanding features such as convenient and powerful searching capabilities; personalization and optimization of user information; multi-browser; data access point extension through external data links etc.

TULIP stands for Triple U Library Information Portal, which 3Us includes:

  • Unified: Integrate all function & can manage all kind of information resource
  • Universal: Widely used system surpassing country, language, size of library
  • Ubiquitous: Future-oriented system leading the high information technologies

Prior to this, the FPT Software and Futurenuri have signed a Memorandum of Understanding by the end of 2016. Accordingly, FPT Software is Futurenuri’s exclusive partner in the Asia Pacific region to commercialize and develop Tulip system in Vietnamese market and then in Asian market. Futurenuri will also transfer the technologies for developing a digital library system to FPT Software.

TULIP digital library has been successfully deployed by Futurenuri in six markets in the world and for more than 200 customers in the Korean market. TULIP is built in compliance with the international standards, supports multiple languages ​​(including Vietnamese) and works with all the different types of libraries and future technology trends. FPT Software is the first partner of Futurenuri in the Asia Pacific in terms of implementing TULIP digital library system.

Earlier, FPT Software and Futurenuri deployed TULIP system for the People’s Police Academy, Vietnam. The system includes the user interface; data search service; personal library service; online reference service; other services on handsets etc.