FPT today announces the official release of Citus™ COBOL Suite to offer users a fast and cost-efficient COBOL transcoding approach. The tool suite helps transforming quickly and easily legacy code between COBOL and Java or Open Platform in just a few mouse clicks.

The tool suite is a set of programming language conversion tools includes two engines, namely Citus™ Simbol and Citus™ Magic Wand. Through the use of these tools, each line of entire Mainframe source code will generate a single corresponding line of any Open Platform. The new source code can be easily tested, verified to speed up and secure the transition with accuracy rate of up to 95%.

  • Citus™ Simbol is a tool that helps transforming COBOL to JAVA as well as giving a good insight of the original COBOL source code.
  • Citus™ MagicWand, helps users apply PL/I conversion to NetCOBOL.

With more than 15 years of experiences, FPT Software has established one of the finest and most experienced COBOL Migration capabilities in the world with more than 400 skillful engineers in COBOL, who have been proven experts in numerous migration projects globally.  “The release of the Citus™ COBOL Suite affirms FPT Software’s desire to offer our clients end-to-end experience in data migration with a full package of high-quality products and services. The toolset enables higher performance and precision for the conversion from old coding languages to the more advanced open platforms. In the near future, apart from conversion the tool suite will includes more functions to meet the needs of optimizing new programs after conversion and ensure maximum accuracy”, said FPT Software’s CTO Le Hong Viet.

With the rapid development of Business Intelligence and Analytics, enterprises can unlock huge valuable data through migration into Open Platform, which Gartner and Forrester refer to as “legacy application modernization”. The high operation cost of mainframe is also a motivation for enterprises to apply modernization. As COBOL being the main language used in mainframe, transcoding the language becomes a must in this migration process. COBOL transcoding can help businesses responding to the market needs faster as well as on-time launching of new products to create competitive advantages.  The third reason, and this has become more of an issue recently, is the perceived exposure to the retirement of long time mainframe talent who are familiar with the anachronistic COBOL language without inheritances next generation talent.

Citus™ COBOL Suite is suitable for large enterprises using large computer system or “legacy” systems written in COBOL wanting to upgrade to open platforms based on new technology. Users can access the trial version of the tool suite at http://cobol.fpt-software.com/trial. In this trial version, users can convert up to 10 files with each registration.

For more information about Citus™ COBOL Suite, please visit http://cobol.fpt-software.com/