FPT is set to participate in the Cloud Days Spring Japan 2015, which is held at the Prince Park Tower, Tokyo on March 12th and 13th, 2015. As the second time joining the event, FPT presents itself as the Platinum sponsor and the leading IT service provider in Cloud. The company looks to promote its global theme in Cloud services: “Cloud Transition Made Easy.Fast.Reliable.Affordable”.

Cloud Days 2015 Spring Japan is a major theme of an extensive event held by Nikkei BP in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu that captures the current understanding and experiences of utilizing current technology trends such as Cloud, Big Data, Smartphone 7 Tablet, Security and Internet of Things. For the Cloud theme, last year’s event attracted over 15,000 guests and approximately 100 international and Japanese companies including Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Toshiba, NEC, VMWare, etc.

Within the scope of the event, FPT hosts a seminar with the topic: ‘“Cloud Adoption in Practice for quick delivery and low-cost: learning from commercial use and internal system case studies”, which is expected to attract the attendance of 400 people. The seminar is the synthesis of FPT’s experiences in helping companies moving to Cloud, which is presented through the sharing of common Cloud adoption patterns followed by several successful cases FPT has with its clients. The seminar will be presented by Mr. Kotaro Maeno – Director of FPT Japan’s Cloud Division and representatives from Gulliver.

“Our experiences through numerous projects and capabilities in Cloud technology and services are the strong proof to our commitment to help customers actualize their path to Cloud, either for their internal system needs or Cloud adoption for their products and services on market”, said Mr. Maeno.

Also at the event, FPT welcomes participants to explore its Cloud capabilities with an exhibition booth showing Cloud transition expertise and supporting tools. 5 mini seminars will be presented at the exhibition booth throughout the event under 5 themes namely Boost testing productivity with Automation Test on cloud, Citus PaaS – A private PaaS to simplify workload development, operation and scaling, Efficiency solution to modernize your application to SaaS model, Applying Excel on Big Data Analysis, Effective transformation from on-premises systems to Cloud: a lesson to learn from Gulliver.

The exhibition booth also features the demonstration of Citus® Cloud Suite, a toolset developed by FPT to better assist clients in assessing and implementing Cloud transition from consultancy phase to post-implementation. The components of the toolkit have been proven to increase productivity by 70% and minimize development effort by up to 60% in hundreds of projects with numerous Fortune 500 companies. 4 main tools to be demonstrated on event are Citus Cloud Load Test, Citus SaaS Blocks, Citus PaaS, Citus Cloud ATS.