“Community Day” has become a tradition of FPT to contribute to create a better community. Celebrating the event on March 13, the company organized and two main activities: Blood Donation and scholarships provision to students across Viet Nam. A highlighted figure was 232 FPT Software’s employees participated and donated 350 units of blood for the community in Ho Chi Minh city.

Blood Donation by FPT's employee as part of the Community Day event
Blood Donation by FPT’s employee as part of the Community Day event

On behalf of the Board of Management, Ms. Truong Thanh Thanh – Director of FPT’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), said: “I would like to convey my gratitude to all who have joined us to contribute our little effort to build a company that we are not only proud of business aspect but also the aspirations of social life. We hope that, in 2016, together with the success of each FPT-ers, the society will continue to receive your sharing. Our own lives will certainly be nicer and more peaceful with these aspirations”.


In 2015, FPT spent about $1.5 million to implement social activities for the community in Vietnam such as Disaster Relief, scholarship awarding, supplies to people with difficulties, organizing community contest and donating blood to save life. FPT’s CSR activities have also spread to Japan, its biggest oversea market with the program to visit and support the areas in Fukushima that was destroyed by tsunami in Japan.