In June 2017, one of the largest events for the community of technology experts – Vietnam AI (Artificial Intelligence) Hackathon – will be held by FPT Corporation. The competition is expected to create a playground for technology expert in Vietnam to develop applications which apply Artificial Intelligence and provide an unlimited experience for users.

FPT has opened many APIs (Application Program Interface) and valuable data as the platform for contestants to develop products. Participants can develop their ideas based on data from VnExpress, E-commerce portal, FPT Store and other APIs about Security, E-commerce, Network layer, Intelligent Traffic, Natural Language Processing and Image processing.

Besides the competition, others events including FPT Tech Day 2017 and the corporation signing ceremony on high-tech resource between FPT and some universities in Hanoi will also be organized within the scope of Vietnam AI Hackathon.

In a report on “Top 10 Strategic technology trend for 2017” published by Gartner (2016), AI and Advanced Machine Learning are listed as the #1 technology trend as “they have reached a critical tipping point and will increasingly augment and extend virtually every technology enabled service, thing or application”. Gartner also suggests that creating intelligent systems that learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously will be the primary battleground for technology vendors through 2020. According to a report by Frost and Sullivan, a global research and consulting organization, AI is the key technology which draws the top global investment trends in 2017 because of the race “for the dominance in personal assistant market.”

Vietnam AI Hackathon 2017 reaffirms the leading position of FPT in developing and promoting the use of potential and trendy technology among Vietnam’s technology community.